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Business Funding

If you’re in business, marketing is your business. But the reality is, without funding or cashflow you can’t properly run a marketing campaign or implement robust marketing activity for your business. In fact, you can do very little for your business without funding.

That’s why we are partnering with Fundamental Investment Group, to provide you funding options at NO COST!


Here’s Why:

Marketing is the fundamental thing that moves your business forward. If done well, it yields great ROI for your business. But it’s a pay-to-play industry and a luxury service. By partnering with Fundamental Investment Group we are alleviating the top 3 challenges for your business by way of funding.


  • Through funding your business can afford upfront costs to launch or run your business

  • Raising capital is important for any potential investment that may be needed

  • Having consistent cash flow is absolutely pivotal to your business growth 

  • Alleviates financial restraints which allows you to focus on running the business without financial burden 

  • Separating your personal and business finance


What exactly are we offering?

  • Business/Personal Loans

  • Business/Personal Lines of Credit
    Business/Personal Credit Cards

  • Credit Repair (Fee Waived if agree to join funding program*)

The Process

BDY CONSULT clients who cannot afford services will be offered funding opportunity services by Fundamental Investments Group. 


Step 1: Fill out this intake form.

Step 2: Sign a funding contract agreement, agreeing to a 10% success fee. This will be provided to you after intake.

Step 3: Fundamental Investment Group begins work on credit repair and funding opportunities.



How long will this take? 14+ days but situational (dependent on identity verification)

How will my info be protected? As a financial business, Fundamental Investment uses a secure platform.

How much does this cost? Once you receive funding! We only get paid when the client has successfully received funding, so there are no upfront costs! 

How do I pay once funded? Fund Investment will send multiple invoices to help you reach sign-on bonuses.

Personal v. Business: Business does not appear on personal credit report unless it’s Capital One.


Qualifications for Loan/Personal Credit

  • 680+/700 score

  • 5 Years of Age of your Credit Profile (time of your oldest credit account to your most recent)

  • 10 accounts on your credit report

  • Credit utilization under 10%

  • Credit with a limit of 5k

  • 3 inquiries or less


If you don’t meet these requirements, Fundamental Investment Group, will assist you to meet qualifications. If you are not a registered business owner, and only qualify for personal use, all applications will be made on personal report.

Have any questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Contact Us!

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