Offering Services, Professional Advice, Event Solutions & connecting people with badass brands.

We are a  consultancy providing digital media services, offering professional advice, and event solutions to individuals and organizations in the creative industry. Our number one goal is motivate clients to be their best selves. We work with clients in intervals of 90 days on an area of their choice. We do this in a four step process - (1) free consultation (2) audit and evaluation (3) strategic plan creation and (4) plan implementation!

We strive to revolutionize the impact of digital brands. We embody what is to think outside the box. We are non-traditional, unconventional marketers, brand strategists, visual storytellers and event planners supporting our clients to reach their goals.


About Our Logo: We integrated a full circle, an upside down pyramid, and border shattering lines as the SUPREME shapes to represent our values as Bad, Disparate Youth. 


Meet the Team

Adebukola Ajao

Chief Consultant

Jaslyn Ferguson

Social Media Strategy Associate

Ke'Ari Brooks

Design Associate

Brittany Du Bois

Copywriting Associate