B. Corinne

B. Corinne

"I first want to thank you all for taking on my website design project in so little time. We had about 2 weeks to pull everything together for the deadline of my birthday. The communication was excellent. They even gave great suggestions on how they can personalize my website for the easiest and best use for my blog and developing business. I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to work with such a professional and efficient duo to develop my site in such a timely manner."



"Working with BDY was one of the best business decisions Atmos has ever made. Coming from no social media presence to one that is now thriving and generating business is such a good feeling. Going to BDY you are dealing with professionals who understand market trends and what the general consumers want to see when scrolling on your website. They offer ideas and improve the ROI of your company, and separate you from the competition. What I enjoyed the most was the research they did on their own to educate themselves in HVAC to better our website."


Dzidzor Azaglo

"Truly, I give honor to the BDY CONSULT team for providing the guidance I needed to develop my website and make it a sustainable and fruitful website. Im a disciplinary artist who needed support in capturing all the work that I do and with consultation and guidance, I received and still receiving the guidance I needed to move forward. I needed someone who questioned and had a concern for my purpose rather than a brand and they truly helped me out."


One Tribe Magazine

"OneTribe Magazine is an online platform geared towards the often-overlooked African diaspora. BDY Consult assisted us with branding, outreach, and an internal system within the company. BDY Consult helped develop an overall packaging of our brand and content to be delivered to our audience in a clear and concise manner. With BDY Consult in your corner, you will see an expansion in your company and also gain a deeper understanding of how a business operates."


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

"It was a pleasure to work with BDY Consult as a co-producer for our Free Day "Sounds of Blue" at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. BDY Consult helped us procure wonderful artists to present in Calderwood Hall, the galleries, and to lead hands-on arts workshops for visitors. The Museum was delighted with the professionalism, organization and vibrancy of our co-production!"

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Rebecca Zama

"BDY is the place to go if you need to make that change in your brand or business but don’t quite know how to do it. Immediately they provides you with resources, and give you a clear idea of what the next steps are and the work that they’lll do to help you achieve your goal. When you work with them, you will get a hands on advisor, that pushes you to do and be better, but also instills a self confidence in you through positive affirmations and a positive attitude. When I told them what I needed, they immediately responded with the idea that I had in mind but that I couldn’t quite find the words to express. Our calls and email communications were always efficient, and I appreciated the structure of their business. Working with BDY Consult was nothing short of a pleasure. They are innovative, professional, creative and encouraging."

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Les Bohemes: Spirit of the Creatives Retreat

"Their work ethic and instincts are exceptional. They are an integral part of the planning and branding of Spirit of the Creatives Retreat. The initiatives they use are unmatched and get things done, as promised. With BDY Consult managing the mechanics of the event, this allows me to concentrate on expansion and future of the business"

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Afrobeats Dance Boston

"It was both an honor and privilege to work with BDY Consult. As a company who has worked with PR managements/organizations and groups in the past, we were genuinely pleased by BDY's attentiveness, timeliness, efficacy, and positive attitude. It's not easy to bring all facets of a large scale and/or elaborate event together yet they did it almost seamlessly. Very impressed and well presented by BDY consult."

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Everyday Boston

"They are a force to be reckoned with: visionaries with heart, savvy, and a work ethic that's hard to beat. We're a stronger organization for having them in our corner."

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OCC Youth Unleashed

"They did exactly what was promised and held us accountable to our KPI. Helped us gain some media appearances. Looking to working again."

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Smith College Black Student Alliance

"Our conference attendees raved about their workshop. They are very professional, accessible, down-to-earth, and genuine. I look forward to working with you all again in the future."

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Nathalia JMag

"It was awesome working with BDY Consult! As a result of an event I did with BDY Consult I was chosen to become a 2017/2018 luminary at the Gardner Museum which is an opportunity to work with the museum through 2018 on different events and projects."

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Magnolia Yoga Studio

"Magnolia Yoga Studio is the 1st black owned yoga studio in New Orleans and one of few in the nation. We are honored to bring a diverse face to yoga and her lifestyle. BDY Consult has helped us manicure and promote our brand and mission to the world in a modern, intelligent and savvy way. We worked on a few projects and proposals together that required balance, accuracy and finesse of several pieces. We were able to submit these projects on time with a fresh and relevant voice. BDY Consult is so thorough and personable in their approach therefore so easy to work with and trust. BDY Consult allows there clients to freely express themselves to gain the tailored result desired. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with BDY Consult."

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A2Z Talent

"If you are seeking professionalism, an extraordinary work ethic, and a compassionate consultant then here it is. I took a risk and retired from teaching and started a organization that would embrace, enhance and empower talented youth. I was comfortable with working with youth, yet I was had not idea how to market what I wanted to do. Not only did I great assistance with advertising, yet the youth were given opportunities they could only dream of. I was not only able to live my dream, yet make many others dreams come true with the help of BDY CONSULT."