Welcome our NEW Fall/Winter 2020 Intern

Dear BDY CONSULT Community:

I'd like to introduce Aryanna Sierra, our new Fall/Winter 2020 intern!


Aryanna Sierra was born in Cambridge, MA, and went on to spend her early years in Puerto Rico. During her time in Puerto Rico, she entered into competitive swimming and performing arts. Upon returning to Boston, she continued her performance education at the Berklee City Music Program and became a swimmer with Crimson Aquatics. She has also been a member of the West End House Boys & Girls Club where in addition to participating in the programing she was involved in various youth leadership positions supporting the club’s mission.

She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.


This Fall, Ary will be working on client projects including newsletter development, email marketing, and content production! By the end of our 10 week internship, she will be a certified graphic designer and have a professional/creative portfolio

Welcome Ary!!

Adebukola Ajao

Digital Media Consultant